Guide for Time and Expense Entry
3.3.3 - Running Stopwatch in the Background

If you would like to hide your stopwatch timer in the background while you continue to work at your computer, you can minimize your web browser window to your taskbar or dock.

Your stopwatch will continue to track your time while minimized, with the window title and tooltip text of your minimized program icon showing the hours recorded for your current timer session, along with the billing code against which your time is being tracked:

taskbar icon stopwatch recording

If you would prefer to not have your minimized icon and window title update to display your stopwatch's progress, you can disable that option in your application Settings screen by checking your "Disable Stopwatch Title Status Text" preference to "On".

Please Note: Your computer must remain powered on while your stopwatch is recording. If your computer is turned off or powered down into a low-energy 'hibernation' or 'sleep' mode, your stopwatch will not be able to record the passage of time (since your computer will have been turned off).