Getting Started with Administration
7.0 - Creating and Managing Project Templates

Instead of creating activity and task records for each of your office's projects, you can create a template of activities and tasks which you can reuse for many projects at once. Project templates are created and managed in the same way as regular projects, with templated activities and tasks applied to as many different projects as you would like. If your office records time for multiple projects using the same activity and task structure, you will find it easiest to manage your system through the use of project templates.

You can create as many different project templates as you need to record the different types of work performed by your office, and can also create custom projects with their own individual activities and tasks. Both templated and standard projects can be used together in Senomix and both behave the same way in system timesheets and reports, so your staff will not need to concern themselves with how you have chosen to implement your project records.

To manage project templates in your office, click the "Templates" button located on your project administration screen:

Templates button

This will open your template administration screen:

Project template screen

A System Development template (used by the example Banzai and Yoyodyne projects) has been included with your office's trial data and will be shown listed in your template screen.

Just like the user and project records you created before, you can create a new template for your office by clicking the "New" button on your screen's toolbar to prepare your screen for a new record, and then entering the name for your template. After clicking the "Save" toolbar button, you will then see your new template available for selection in your screen's lower table window, as with this example of "My Project Template":

New project template

You can add activities and tasks to your template by selecting the template of interest, clicking the "Activities" button, and then adding whatever items you would like your template to hold:

Activities in template

To assign your template to a project, return to your project administration screen and select the project to which you would like to assign your template. In this case, we will select the "My Project" record created as an example in the previous section.

Project to assign template

A template can be assigned to a selected project by clicking the "Template Used" selector:

Template selector

Your selected template can then be returned by clicking the green "Select" button:

Select template

With that selection made, the project is now set to use the selected template, with the "Template Used" field displaying the name of the chosen template:

Project with template assigned

Once a template has been set for your project, click the "Save" button on your screen's toolbar to save the change to your project record. After saving your change, all of the activities and tasks created for your template will be available under your project whenever that project is used in your system timesheets, expense claims, and reports.