Administration Guide
3.9 - Template Administration Screen

Your template administration screen provides a listing of all project templates which can be assigned to your Senomix projects. Each of your project templates will contain a set of activities and tasks which are common to the particular type of work identified.

For example, an 'Analysis Work' template may contain a variety of activities and tasks related to client interviews, documentation and deliverable reports. A 'Development Work' template may contain activities and tasks related to the creation of a particular type of application or physical construction.

Project templates allow you to create centralized sets of activities and tasks which can be assigned to multiple projects and managed from one location. As activities and tasks are added, edited or renamed in your templates, those changes will automatically appear in all projects which are assigned to use those templates.

This screen is reached from your project administration screen.

template administration screen

The buttons and fields provided on this screen are as follows:


Exits the screen and returns you to your main menu.


Exits the screen and returns you to your project administration screen.


Clears the screen to prepare it for entering a new template.


Saves to your database any changes made to the name of the selected template.


Deletes the selected template from your database.


Selects the previous template displayed in the screen's table window.


Selects the next template displayed in the screen's table window.


Opens a new web page displaying help for your current screen.

Template Name

The name of the template. This should reflect the type of work covered by the template's activities and tasks.


Opens your activity administration screen, through which all activities and tasks assigned to the selected template can be adjusted.

Template Id

Displays the system-assigned id of the selected template.

You can assign your templates to your projects through the "Template Used" selector in your Project Administration screen. Once a template has been assigned to a project, all activities and tasks in the assigned template will be made available for use in that project.

As described in Section 3.8.1, the 'QuickBooks Template' is automatically created when importing your office's QuickBooks settings into your Senomix system.

The activities and tasks in a particular template can be reached by selecting the template of interest and clicking the 'Activities' button. A change made to the activities or tasks in a particular template will be automatically applied to all projects which reference that template.

If a template is assigned to one or more projects in your system, that template cannot be deleted.