Administration Guide
3.2.1 - QuickBooks Employee Import

Employee records can be imported from your QuickBooks accounting package into your Senomix system, with those QuickBooks employees being registered as Senomix user accounts.

The employee import process sets the first name, last name, phone and employee number of each new user record to correspond with your QuickBooks data set, with the username set to the first name of the employee and the password set to the default of "BADPASS". As that default password indicates, the import's initial password is unsafe (it is known to anyone who would care to read this guide -- it is truly a 'bad password') and should be changed by each system user after logging in to their time and expense entry application for the first time.

Senomix will only import QuickBooks employee records which have an "Active" status in QuickBooks are not already present as user accounts in Senomix. New employees can be transferred from QuickBooks to your Senomix system by repeating these QuickBooks employee import steps whenever a new employee is added to your QuickBooks application.

To import your QuickBooks employees to your Senomix system (both for your initial system setup or to update your Senomix system to include users added to your QuickBooks application), you will want to follow these steps:

  1. Confirm you have sufficient account or license space in your Senomix system to add your QuickBooks employee records. The number of non-historic users currently registered in your Senomix system can be viewed in the about screen of your administration application.

    If more user account or license space is required to accommodate the employees you wish to import from QuickBooks, please contact Senomix at to purchase additional space for your system.

  2. In QuickBooks, select the menu option "File -> Utilities -> Export -> Lists to IIF Files..." to create an export file:

    Create employee export file in QuickBooks

    In the Export dialog box which appears, select the "Employee List" option and click the OK button:

    QuickBooks export dialog for employee lists

    When selecting the Employee List option, this reminder message may appear within QuickBooks:

    QuickBooks employee list warning

    If this message does appear, click the Ok button to dismiss it. Payroll Items are automatically imported into your Senomix system with your QuickBooks employee data and can also be adjusted within your user administration screen.

    When the Ok button is clicked on your QuickBooks Export dialog box, a standard "Save As" dialog will appear for export:

    QuickBooks save as dialog

    Identify a filename to which your employee records are to be exported (such as the "Employees.IIF" shown) and click the Save button. A confirmation message will then appear within QuickBooks to indicate that your employee information was exported:

    QuickBooks export confirm

    Your QuickBooks employee data is now ready to be imported into your Senomix system.

  3. In your Senomix system, open your user administration screen and click the "QuickBooks Import" button. Using the "File Open" dialog which appears, select the QuickBooks export file you created in the previous step and click the Open button:

    QuickBooks employee file open

    Your QuickBooks employees will then be imported into your Senomix system, with a confirmation message appearing once your import has completed:

    QuickBooks employee import complete

Please Note: If your QuickBooks employee records have a middle initial listed, that middle initial will be imported into Senomix as part of the user's first name. For example, if an employee was listed in QuickBooks as "Marie S. Curie", her first name would be imported into Senomix as "Marie S.".

Since QuickBooks uniquely identifies employee records by their first name, last name and middle initial, that middle initial must be left in place for your Senomix user accounts to ensure proper data exchange with QuickBooks when you export your time and expense data to that application.